The seduction of
                 Pen and paper
                 The magic of
                 Mind and hands
                 The taste of
                 Juicy writing
                 Like of
                 Brandy barrels
                 My heart and art
                 Both at hand
                 Golden and free



              Saws and blades
              Her mystery and death
              Behold thee
              Beautiful woman
              Your strength
              Lies in your eyes
              Beyond the rocks
              Is the city of the sun
              Thy peace awaits


                The mystery of life
                   Deep in the seas
               Beyond the horizon
       Moving swiftly with the wind
             Whispering in a language
                      Unheard of

              Hidden at ocean breaks
                 Bound within clouds
                      Not to fall even
          During the worst of downpour
                   Engulfed in writing
                       Bathed in ink

                It’s sweetness and pain
                      A secret in the
                        Desert sands
                To forever be unresolved
                      Among the living
                         Only to be felt


           It’s a little more of you
           Of every bit of yours
           More than too much
           That I yearn for
           With each minute
           Your voice like butter
           Flute to a shepherd
           Whispering sweetly
           To streaks of my heart
           Eyes like summer rays
           Leaving me wired
           Burning with desire
           With mountains of emotions
           Aching inside and out
           For your thirsty touches
           My dream come true
           Your divine charm
           Is air to my life
           As I am yours
           I live for you
           Bewitched with potions
           Of your godly being



     Love of my life
     As the rainbow stands out
     To calm the furious storm
     So does your love to me
     Quencher of my thirst
     As water surges in the sea
     Amidst sharks and whales
     So does my love erupt
     Food to my soul
     As rivers flow endlessly
     To feed the hungry oceans
     So is your love to my soul
     Sun of my life
     As birds return merrily
     To their home’s safety
     In your love I find shelter
     Moon to my stars
     With every tornado’s hit
      On the calm oceanic surface
      So does your love to mine
      Tune to my serenade
With each enchanting whisper
Of yours turning me to live wire
      I fall over and over again
My only betrothed
In this life and the next
With my every breathe
Just as my strength
I will adore to cherish you
For I am made for you
And in my heart you live
To be one together
Forever and always



          Dance with me
               In the rains
  With no care of the world
          Dance with me
      When famine strikes
        And all hope is lost
          Dance with me
      During thunderstorm
         As it hits our fears
          Dance with me
     Through darkness and
There ain’t anything to hold
         Dance with me
            As war starts
    All through to the end
         Dance with me
     When I’m all alone
   Lost with less energy
         Dance with me
   When the storm is up
     And I can count you in
         Dance with me
      When we tete a tete
During cold snowing nights
         Dance with me
    On the lit dance floors
      When time is frozen
        Dance with me
     Through the tunnels
        Until we see light
        Dance with me
     For I have only you
     To hold and lean on
        Dance with me



                                   I am thine
                               You are mine
                            Together we belong
                         Completing each one
                       Soaring past days
                    Against all odds
                Shall we triumph
                   Through old age
                      Till life after
                          And eternally be
                              One in love
                                   Heart ever yours
                                      Love and life
                                         Forever and always