Saws and blades
              Her mystery and death
              Behold thee
              Beautiful woman
              Your strength
              Lies in your eyes
              Beyond the rocks
              Is the city of the sun
              Thy peace awaits



                The mystery of life
                   Deep in the seas
               Beyond the horizon
       Moving swiftly with the wind
             Whispering in a language
                      Unheard of

              Hidden at ocean breaks
                 Bound within clouds
                      Not to fall even
          During the worst of downpour
                   Engulfed in writing
                       Bathed in ink

                It’s sweetness and pain
                      A secret in the
                        Desert sands
                To forever be unresolved
                      Among the living
                         Only to be felt


Posted in chaos,family feuds


Head spinning
Non-stop battles
Adrenaline rush
Building pits
Deep in my belly
Tear flow freely
Down my dry cheeks
Deafening cries
Cut through the air
My kin,My people
Why is home in disray
When it is known
Home is to best
Chaos East to West
Blades and arrows
Out pot is broken
Given to us by the old
The ground beneath is shaking
Rivers of blood defining
Our sovereighn household
Nights are so loud
Full of screams
Devastating screams
Children run about
Their birth clothes on
Dry and pale
Blood of my blood
Womb of my womb
Our roots are rotting
Soon to be no more
Fathers of my father
Our golds and wealth
We cry for intervention
For the ubuntu
Will be as the wind

           It’s a little more of you
           Of every bit of yours
           More than too much
           That I yearn for
           With each minute
           Your voice like butter
           Flute to a shepherd
           Whispering sweetly
           To streaks of my heart
           Eyes like summer rays
           Leaving me wired
           Burning with desire
           With mountains of emotions
           Aching inside and out
           For your thirsty touches
           My dream come true
           Your divine charm
           Is air to my life
           As I am yours
           I live for you
           Bewitched with potions
           Of your godly being