Time flies
People change
With it they go
Like wind
No footprints
In the mountaneuos maze
Done. Dusted
How do we forget
Leave long lasting
To only which
We can hold on to
Engaging in silent
tètè a tètè
Smiles glowing
Living in our hearts
Are forever



‘You are now a mother’
The words
Dancing in my mind
Music to my ears
Like yesterday
I still remember
‘It is positive’
Legs wobbling
Screaching noise
Is left of my ears
Fear chewing every
Of my skeleton being
God,will I make it
Enveloped in darkness
I try to move
I will make it
Against all odds
Despite the thorns
I will make it
We shall rejoice
Soon.Our time
This bundle of joy


She sashays meticulously
Head on top of Everest
But deep in a frenzy
Legs those of a peacock
With overladen round hips
Miss eye candy
Dripping goodness like
Coco chanel
Dior is her common name
Victoria her middle
Her swammped chest jiggling
With each calculated step
Daughter of eve
This gold plated pot
Always out and about
Seeking to devour
Innocent holy corns
She with heart and eyes
Of a dog
Not leaving anything out
Even the bagged pieces
Fine pieces of art
Doing it out of chutzpah
Our sly beauty godess


Little lamb
Bleating whenever
Sending spasms of joy
To whoever within
With care or care not
Owning each moment
Mother’s joy
Little one
Fruit of love
Full of gay
Screaming strength
Eager to dance
In a journey unknown
To hope and hope
Father’s pride
Kicking rhythmically
Like an overlly fed calf
Daughter of dust
Diamonds and almonds
Filled with zeal
Jumping joyfully
To life’s tune
To live and love

Do not help a man; unless you’re his mother

From A Man's Diary

You have probably heard the saying that “it is not a woman’s job to help a man, unless you are his mother”. Women may like this quote, probably out of experience, but I am sure many men resent it and wonder why it’s even brought up. I personally like it.

A couple of days ago, I was talking with a friend and she asked me when I consider the perfect time to settle down with a woman. I thought about it for a couple of seconds, -of course I have thought about it before, severally- then told her that settling was more a matter of finding someone I can make the one, rather than timing. But there was a small ‘but’! There is always a but with me. I further explained to her that to settle down with someone, I would have to be economically stable, otherwise I don’t want…

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Why Every Kenyan Youth Want to Become A Jimmy Wanjigi

From A Man's Diary

When a 22 year old Howard Roark was summoned to the dean’s office, the later expected an apology and a plea as to why the former shouldn’t be expelled.

Howard Roark is perhaps the most upright man that ever “lived”; he was unbreakable, he had integrity that bow down to no one; in fact, he would rather break from his integrity, than bend with the wind.

The story of Howard Roark, is the story of a young man who sent out to be an architect, however due to his unwillingness to confine himself to the conventional ways of building, he was expelled from college.

If college had been unfair to him, life after college must have been the ultimate hell. He paid a huge price for his briefs; he was the best architect in the whole country, yet no one was willing to hire him. He became broke, he became…

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