Voices skretching all over
Banging louder than bombs
Hardly can I hear myself
All at the same time
I try to hide my head
Away from this ruination
With my wobbling knees
But my muscles disobey
All I see is misty grey fog
Blanketing all my senses
What’s happening?
I open my mouth wide
So as to yell for assistance
But my voice box is glued
I can barely make a sound
Nothing, not at all
I’m all by myself
In this unknown ness
The ground beneath moves
I tremble so hard
Echos,echoes from all sides
Frail shadows move about
Like of dead skeletons
With no sign of human life
Wandering around
As I shiver at their center
Tears cascade down
My snow frozen spine
Like waters of spring
Am all alone,
Just me and I
To ponder this shadiness


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