You chock from their meanness
As life is strangled out of you
With their so spiteful words
Which are like fists and blows
But you gladly feast on
With each pointed finger
Crushing your inner peace
And you sink down and down
Rolling with their punches
While they highly invirogate
Swirling up to the sky
Breaking you to pieces
To become dead as a dodo
As they watch with zeal
Rendering you nugatory
With no absolute purpose
This mostly holier than thou
Shake your deepest roots
Entangling every inch
With weeds and webs
Like dust on a donkey
Blinding your enrichment
Blocking your full potential
Head raised without fear
You should walk high and tall
As their opinions are nothing
But a bag of full of destruction
And should never ever count
In whatever possible avenues
So with will and spirit-driven
Why don’t you rip them off
And spread your wings wider
To explore your potentiality
As you shake of the dust
And step on it