Dance with me
               In the rains
  With no care of the world
          Dance with me
      When famine strikes
        And all hope is lost
          Dance with me
      During thunderstorm
         As it hits our fears
          Dance with me
     Through darkness and
There ain’t anything to hold
         Dance with me
            As war starts
    All through to the end
         Dance with me
     When I’m all alone
   Lost with less energy
         Dance with me
   When the storm is up
     And I can count you in
         Dance with me
      When we tete a tete
During cold snowing nights
         Dance with me
    On the lit dance floors
      When time is frozen
        Dance with me
     Through the tunnels
        Until we see light
        Dance with me
     For I have only you
     To hold and lean on
        Dance with me


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