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Just like sheep you follow
Eyes opened but blinded
Feeding on their prejudices
While dancing to their tune
Day in day out

Supremacy battles
Empty promises
Tribal chaos
Hate speech

Now the order of the day
But you turn a deaf ear
All because you share
Mere menace called tribe
Tearing a people apart

Property loss

For their own ostentation
This power greedy pigs
Live lavishly in mansions
Established by our toiling
Hard work and perseverance

Wining and dining
Vacations abroad
Luxurious engines
Fat bank accounts

Yet your tea is no more
This old good for nothing
Sapping our Nation’s juices
Stealing our cohesiveness
Should be swept away
Wake up!



A strong believer in the power of time||I thirst for knowledge and insight, knowledge more than that of Aristotle||Quite an open minded dreamer

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