From the window I stood
I could see them
Across the street
At the Downy’s Inn
Sitting side by side
Eating and drinking,
Their faces full of joy

They would wine and dine
And seemed to be over
the moon
Like a dog with two tails
Baring their souls to each other
Chit chatting their time away
From the way they talked
I could smell love in the air

Now I see them
Cheesed off
Going past each other
Enveloped with anger
Seemingly to have come
apart by the seams

I’m left to ask
What could have happened?
Betrayal? Lose of interest?
How could friends so close
Go from caring
To not giving a hoot

Life they say
Is full of twists and turns
The person you eating with today
Could be the one reading
your death sentence tomorrow
So who is left to trust?
The enemy maybe