If you have not seen her
You know of no beauty
She,perfectly curved
Will take your breath away
At the very first sight

So magnificently she lays
In the midst of those
who envy her
Those with faces of a
bulldog chewing wasp

She is of gold and diamonds
Flowing with milk and honey
With a climate so enchanting
Charming and adventurous
One of a kind

Have you heard of The great
The magical wildebeest migration
Such an alluring sight to behold
yet so heart throbbing

Should I tell you about The great
So enormous and effortlessly
piercing through the sky

Seat with me and I’ll tell you about
The superficial Nile
The manner in which it glides
through her skin

What of her fifty four babies,
The ones she holds with pride
With the equator threatening
to divide her household
Yet she bears this with a smile
To keep her children in cohesion

Ooh motherland,
Beautiful as the silvermoon
What did I do to deserve you?



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