I met her
even before I knew me
Strong as a fox
She made me
Introducing me to this world
All on her own
With reasons to tremble
But with a spirit so strong

She was made of steel
Like those of her kind
Those left to fight
Their battles
All by themselves
Everything she did
Spoke of blood
Sweet and tears
Taking the bull by the horns
Just so her cubs
Could be safe
Under her widespread wings

In the filthy rotten
Judgemental society
Ready to break her
All because
She had not brought
Home cattle
From a man
Who would belittle
Own and control her
Just to satisfy
The society’s expectations

But her ambition
Surpassed everything
Her determination
Pushing her further
All she ever dreamt of
Was her children’s success
Nothing mattered
Except for that

“My children, In the tall buildings
of the city,is where you belong
The fancy offices,the big planes
All await you
Will you take me to America?
The land of the white man
To wine and dine with him
And give him my kiondo
Instead of those polythene bags
Will I be allowed to make my
traditional meko there
The charcoal one’s give me trouble
What about the light hanging
from the roof?
And water flowing from a tiny
black papyrus stick!?
Is that all true?”

You should see the excitement
covering her face
“Or will you abandon me
like Kimeto’s son?”
My stomach turns
Every time I think I have
The responsibility
To make her dreams a reality
For she is a fortress I’ll take
Shelter in
Anytime,any day
For as long as I live



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