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Do not help a man; unless you’re his mother

From A Man's Diary

You have probably heard the saying that “it is not a woman’s job to help a man, unless you are his mother”. Women may like this quote, probably out of experience, but I am sure many men resent it and wonder why it’s even brought up. I personally like it.

A couple of days ago, I was talking with a friend and she asked me when I consider the perfect time to settle down with a woman. I thought about it for a couple of seconds, -of course I have thought about it before, severally- then told her that settling was more a matter of finding someone I can make the one, rather than timing. But there was a small ‘but’! There is always a but with me. I further explained to her that to settle down with someone, I would have to be economically stable, otherwise I don’t want…

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Why Every Kenyan Youth Want to Become A Jimmy Wanjigi

From A Man's Diary

When a 22 year old Howard Roark was summoned to the dean’s office, the later expected an apology and a plea as to why the former shouldn’t be expelled.

Howard Roark is perhaps the most upright man that ever “lived”; he was unbreakable, he had integrity that bow down to no one; in fact, he would rather break from his integrity, than bend with the wind.

The story of Howard Roark, is the story of a young man who sent out to be an architect, however due to his unwillingness to confine himself to the conventional ways of building, he was expelled from college.

If college had been unfair to him, life after college must have been the ultimate hell. He paid a huge price for his briefs; he was the best architect in the whole country, yet no one was willing to hire him. He became broke, he became…

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Not until I tripped
Did I learn to get on my feet
Only when I fell
Did I appreciate my knees
Ears filled with mud
Cleaned after the downfall
Person of pride and prejudice
A staircase of attitude
Stumbled by weak currents
Chocked in the confusion
Awoken by reality
The pepperness of life
Must we all taste bitter
To appreciate salty
Sane bloodhood

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I’ll only let you
Have your way with me
If we get to where
The skies meet the
Sit between a pride
Of lions
Surf with whales
Dine with monkeys
Only if my dream
Of flying
Turned to reality
Wrencher of souls
Yours is like wind
Gone south

                 The seduction of
                 Pen and paper
                 The magic of
                 Mind and hands
                 The taste of
                 Juicy writing
                 Like of
                 Brandy barrels
                 My heart and art
                 Both at hand
                 Golden and free


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If it was right by him
She endured
Feeding his unending
World without him
The most scary of
Soon the moon heard
Her cries
Fireflies listened to
Her pleas
And in one of those nights
The fireflies became stronger
Moonlight brighter
Winter was here
As she glowed with morning
He was reduced to ashes
Not even the promise of
Dawn could save him
The sun didn’t spare him
Hell for him
Wasn’t home